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The Viadrina Language Centre (Sprachenzentrum) is a centre of excellence for (foreign) languages and intercultural communication.

On behalf of the faculties and in cooperation with them, it offers a modular course and examination programme, from beginners' courses to courses for specific (academic) purposes, within the framework of UNIcert®.

The language course programme for winter semester 2023/24 was published on the viaCampus portal on 15 September, and registration for language courses has been activated.

Students who would like to take a language course and who already have some prior knowledge must take a placement test beforehand.

More detailed information is given on our website "Language courses".

NEW: All language courses are offered by our Language Centre only and free of charge!
Important notice for students with disabilities or special needs 

If you would like to apply for examination adjustment arrangements (“Nachteilsausgleich”) due to disability or chronic illness, please contact the Counselling Service for Students with Health Impairments in good time for advice. Complete applications for Examination Adjustment must be made to the Director of the Language Centre by 16th Jan. 2024 at the latest.

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