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Welcome to Lektorat Deutsch - the Office for German as a Foreign Language


Language Café – Relaxed Language Learning and Get-together

Wednesdays, every two weeks (29.06., 13.07.) at the self-learning centre AB016

  • Stop by and learn languages in a laid-back atmosphere! Switch spontaneously between the languages you are interested in and have interesting conversations with native speakers and learners alike.
  • Each language has its own table, where it is spoken and you can switch back and forth between them. Therefore, you are not only practicing your target language(s) in an uncomplicated way, but can also get to know other cultures.
  • A language café is a place where people get together. Are you in?

Course Offer - Summer Semester

  • Please note: You must take the placement test (14.4.2022 10 am - 12 pm) before registering for a German course if you have previous knowledge of German but have not yet attended a German course at the Viadrina.
  • Register for Grundstufe 1 (basic level 1) and Grundstufe 2 (basic level 2) at the viadrina sprachen gmbh (online). Registration starts 5 April 2022.
  • Register for other courses (Mittelstufe 1 and higher) in viaCampus. Registration starts 15 March 2022.

German Intensive Course 01.09.2022 - 30.09.2022

General Information for the DSH (German only)

All information concerning the DSH.

B2-exam for IBA and Cultural & Social Studies students

Tips and Recommendations Learning German Online

You can find further information about all upcoming events and tips on Facebook and Instagram!

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