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Course information for Winter Semester 2016/17


- Regisration for Itnesnive courses will be possibel a few weeks after start of semester.

-The registration procedure for intensive courses of the Viadrina Sprachen GmbH is the same as for courses during the semester (in their office, place given after payment.)

The registration procedure for Language Centre courses - see the menu points on the left (lower menu box.) The procedure differs depending on the language.


Enrolling in language courses for the Winter Semester 2017/18  (NOT for intensive courses in the vacation)

For language courses taught by the Language Centre, enrollment begins on 15.09.2017. The complete list of courses offered can be found on ViaCampus.

Registration for courses - how to register. Enrolment deadline: 13.10.2017, 1 pm.

Enrolment for courses organised by Viadrina Sprachen GmbH begins on 18.09.2017 and ends 13.10.2017. You will need to go in person to their offices: Logenstr. 9-10, Room 248 (in the Post Office Building, entrance is via Lindenstraße.)  Registration for their courses is only possible when you pay the course fee.

All language courses begin in the week starting Monday, 16.10.2017

€ 2.50 must be paid to course teachers upon the start of classes for photocopying materials.

Information Presentations - Introduction to the language programme

Thurs. 05.10.2017  12:00 – 13:00 (Law)  in GD HS1

Thurs., 05.10.2017  13:30 – 14:30 (Kuwi/IKG/RP)  in GD HS2

Thurs., 05.10.2017  13:30 – 14:30 (WiWi / BA & MA) Uhr im Audimax
- for Erasmus Students GD AM03 (in German, English and Spanish)

▪         Advice on language courses at the beginning of the semester is available at the following times
Tuesday, 10.10.2017, 12:00-14:00 and
Wednesday, 11.10.2017, 13:00-15:00 in the language departments (“Lektorat”) located in AB

▪         Placement tests
If you want to take part in courses other than beginners level, you will have to take a placement test.
Friday 6th - Monday 9th Oct. 2017

More info here on dates, times and places for these tests.


Course Registration Deadlines

Wednesday, 11.10.2017, 4 pm for the courses managed by the Language Centre

Thursday, 13.10.2017 1 pm for courses booked through the Viadrina Sprachen GmbH

If your online registration (Language Centre courses) has been successful, you will receive an automated confirmation email. This, however, is NOT a definitive confirmation for your place in the course. Until the release of the course list (“Kurszuteilung”), you will have to wait and check from time to time to see which course you have been assigned to. If you have not received a place in the course you wanted, you may choose and book a new one using the “Restplatzvergabe” (vacancies) command in ViaCampus

Distribution of places ("Kurszuteilung")  in language classes of the Language Centre
(i.e. not for courses of the Viadrina Sprachen GmbH)
...from 10:00 am on Friday 13.10.2017. After that time, you can see if you have a place by looking on the ViaCampus website under Course Places.

For  Language centre courses: If you no longer wish to be in the course you should drop your course place by 27.10.2017, 6 pm. IF YOU DO NOT DO SO, THE COURSE WILL BE LISTED ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT OF COURSES AS "COURSE NOT PASSED". Moreover, you may be stopping another student getting into the course!

  Didn't get a place in the course you want?
Have you been given a place in a course which you now want to drop?

 Spare places in courses can be taken up on the “Restplatzvergabe”  (online allocation of spare places ) from, 13.10.17 till 27.10.17. This applies to courses of the Language Centre

For courses of the Viadrina Sprachen GmbH, distribution of spare places (from 16.10-27.10) in  GmbH courses: pleasse go to  the GmbH office .

Free cancellation of your place in a Viadrina Sprachen GmbH course must be undertaken in their office by 13.10.2017, 12 noon.