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UNIcert III Examination (Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Examination Information - Written Certificate exam / UNIcert® III – BUSINESS ENGLISH



The Written Certificate exam / UNIcert® III takes place at the end of each semester.

Register for the exam online in viaCampus approximately 2 weeks before the end of the semester.

For information about the examination, please read the Prüfungsordnung at the following web page address:

Also please refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages at the following web page address to see what language proficiency levels are required at each level:


The listening comprehension part of the examination will be either a video or audio recording of a discussion, interview or lecture with a business or economic theme.  The recording will be about five minutes long. 

For the reading comprehension part of the examination, you will be asked to give short answers and longer written answers  Exam texts are chosen from business and economics related journals such as The Economist, The Wall Street JournalThe Financial Times or other 

The writing portion is an essay of 400 to 500 words on one of three or four given topics.




The oral part of the exam takes 30 minutes and will be given by appointment, generally the week following the written exam. The exam will be scheduled by appointment directly at the end of the written exam, if not sooner. 

Students will receive 3 to 4 possible topics 3 days prior to their oral exam date, 



Please direct questions about the exam to Wendy Bell at