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Welcome to the Lektorat Englisch (English Department)

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Office Hours for the Vorlesungsfreien Zeit to be announced here this week.
Advice on all aspects of the English language programme in the Lektorat this week at the following times:

Mon 8th - 12-14.00

Tues. 9th - 13-15

HF Exam

If you are planning to take the HF exam, be sure to read up on how to prepare for it early in the semester.

 information on the oral exam.

Kuwi UNIcert III written examination

Information for this semester

Legal English courses

Information on courses offered this semester.

Forthcoming lectures in English at the Viadrina

 EU Equality law (a series in January and Feb.)

Wanting advice, tips and fresh ideas for studying languages?

Our student tutors will be organizing events and workshops, and you can arrange to meet them individually. Look here for fresh ideas on improving your language learning, for the language cafe, tandem and workshps. You can also get involved by qualifying as a peer tutor!