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Intensivkurse in Englisch in der Vorlesungsfreienzeit

English Intensive Courses in the Semester Break -  Winter 2019-20


30 March-3rd April, 2020        10-16:00          GD 102           Dr. Richard Bland  

British Questions  


Here are some of the controversial aspects of British life that will be looked at in the course:

  • Multiculturalism and British "tolerance"

  • Knife crime among youth in England

  • Scottish Independence?

  • "Social apartheid" in British universities

However, you will also be able to choose your own area of interest, as long as connected to the UK and modern British life, whether to do with business, politics, law or culture. You will also be presenting some British "questions" presented in a film of your choice.

We will, of course,  cover and develop all the skills necessary for preparing for the HF.


Zertifikatsstufe - Kuwi Schriftliche Wissenschaftskommunikation Intensivkurs Englisch  

23 March-3 April 2020                      9-15:00           AB 208           Lori Baldzikowski

Zertifikatsstufe - Wiwi Schriftliche Wissenschaftskommunikation Intensivkurs EnglischFällt aus