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Intensivkurse in Englisch in der Vorlesungsfreienzeit

English Intensive Courses in the Semester Break -  Summer 2019

REGISTRATION for the following courses is via ViaCampus.


22-26 July, 2019         10-16:00          AB 207                       Jeff Purchla

Social Problems                                            

What accounts for problems in different communities? How are social patterns reproduced in everyday life? This course is based on concepts that are used to think about relations in society. We will work on writing argumentative essays and emphasize speaking and reading skills through class discussions. Broadcasts will be used to help improve listening skills, and we will use the context of the course to review the fundamentals of writing clearly, logically, effectively, and argumentatively.  

29 July-2nd August, 2019        10-16:00          GD 102           Dr. Richard Bland  

British Questions  

In this course we will look at a variety of issues and topics relating to the UK and modern British life, whether to do with business, politics, law or culture.  Possible topics  may include: Youth violence,  England and Scotland, Brexit (just a bit!), gender segregation in schools.

You will also be able to bring in your own interests.  

Zertifikatsstufe - Kuwi Schriftliche Wissenschaftskommunikation Intensivkurs Englisch  

16-27 September, 2019                       9-15:00            AB 208           Lori Baldzikowski