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The Placement Test (Einstufungstest) in English

All students wishing to take English courses at the Language Centre must take the Placement Test unless

a) they have already taken it in the last two semesters

b) they have already taken English courses at the Language Centre

c) they have an exemption (Befreiung) from certain courses because of time spent studying in an English-speaking country.

The test times and place can be found here.


For students who miss the date of the placement test, we organise a Late Test day, usually in the second or third week of term time (i.e. first or second week of language courses).. Ask one of the Lektors for information on the date and time of this.

Note: If you take the late test, you will be at a disadvantage,  because you will be signing up for courses later and it is possible that you will not get into  the course you want.

We regret that it is not possible to take the test at a later time than the "Late Test".