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English Intensive Courses in Feb. 2024


English intensive courses in the  coming vacation will  be offered for the levels C1, B2.2 and B2.1:



 "MWK"/"SWK" ( Mündliche/Schriftliche  Wissenschaftskommunikation /  Wiwi)

Academic Oral/Written Communication in business contexts 

You choose! - Focus will be  EITHER on oral or written skills;  you will agree this with the teacher at the beginning of the course.

Teacher: Wendy Bell

Course dates: 19.02.2024 - 01.03.2024     (Mon.-Fri over two weeks) 

Registration: on viaCampus ends 7th Feb. 2024


At B2.2  LEVEL (formerly "Oberstufe"):

TWO courses will be offered for B2.2 level. You are free to choose either one.

a)  "Social forces"

Teacher: Jeff Purchla

Course dates: 19.02.2024 - 23.02.2024    

Registration (on viaCampus) ends 13th Feb.  2024.

 b) "British Questions"

Teacher: Richard Bland

Course dates: 12.03.2024 - 20.03.2024 (NO class on Wed. 13th)  

Registration: (on viaCampus) ends 7th March 2024.

At B2.1 LEVEL:

 Teacher: Lori Baldzikowski

Course dates: 19-22 Feb. AND 18-23 March 2024     (Mon.-Fri of two separate  two weeks - you must attend both!) 

Registration: on viaCampus ends 14 Feb.2024