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How can I register for an exam?

Werbung_5410 ©Heide Fest
  1.  Log in on the viaCampus Portal.

  2.  Select My Studies on the toolbar at the top of the page and then navigate to Register for exams.
    exam reg 1 ©viaCampus
  3. You will then see a number of search options. If you do not know the exact examination number, examination date, js to use the search field Examinationtitle.
    Write here the examination language, such as English, German, Italian...

    Important: Make sure that the year and term type are correctly set. The current year and semester need to be correct there.

    exam reg 2 ©viaCampus

  4. After you have entered your search term or terms, select “Search”

  5. You now see a list of exams. Select the registration icon, which is to be found on both the left and right hand side of the exam you want to take:
    exam reg 3 ©viaCampus
    exam reg 4 ©viaCampus

If the registration does not work, pelase note the error message or make a screenshot of it. Then ask one of the Lektors for the relevant language. We are glad to help!