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Exam Registration


Dear Students ! Please note the following:

Registration and the registration period

You must register online beforehand  for an exam you intend to take. The period you can do this starts 4-6 weeks before the exam and finishes three working days before the written exam.

Read the Qualification Requirements for Registering before registering.

You cannot  take part in the examination if you have not registered.

Check here that you have in fact registered:

   - For the HF Exam:  Prüfung zum Zertifikat Hochschulpezifische Fremdsprachenausbildung / UNIcert® II

   - For the "Academic Communication" Certificate:  Zertifikat Wissenschaftskommunikation / UNIcert® III
... and check that your matriculation number is listed.

  • If the registration has not worked, please see the Secretary in  Room AB 019.

  • Cancelling your registration is  possible but there is a fee to pay at the University Cashier first. It is not possible on the day of the exam.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary of the Language Centre.

 If you have  read all the above, then you can register below.


  • Register for the  Zertifikat "Hochschulspezifische Fremdsprachenausbildung" / UNIcert® II  ---> here



  • Register for the  Zertifikat "Wissenschaftskommunikation" / UNIcert® III /  ---> here



  • Register for the  Zertifikat "Wissenschaftskommunikation"  German / UNIcert® IV /  ---> here



  • Information about late exam registration and withdrawing from the exam  ---> here