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Learning German Online

Here you can find some links to webpages of German radio and tv-channels as far as online newspapers. Moreover there are webpages with different options for studying German online, also tutorials and exam excercies for the DSH.

1. DEUTSCHE WELLE - Deutsch lernen

The webpage of the German international broadcaster with a divers offer, where you can find news or excercises for beginners and intermediate lerners. In addition there are articles here, which is very important for the students studying or being interested in economics.


The webpage of the German culture institut with the section "Deutsch lernen", where you can find useful materials for studying German on all levels. There are exam excercises, texts, videos, forums, chats. Moreover there is a platfom on the Goethe Institut which is called Second Life Platform with 3D World, where you can ses others and you can visit them and experience more from other users.

3. Deutschlern BLOG I

The page is rather recommended for the students on the higher level of German. There you can find information about studying in Germany, TestDaF, DSH, preparation materials of TestDaF or DSH. Furthermore you can read there actual news and information about the German language.

4. Deutsche Grammatik

On this page you will find a lot of information to learn German, for example: grammar, vocabulary, writing, culture iformation, videos, lyrics, etc.

5. Livemocha

Livemocha is an English-language platform for autonomous language learning. It is interesting that you can have your own texts corrected by others. Additionally, you can help others in language learning by offering the same in your own native language.

Press and Radio

1. Deutschlandradio

The webpage of a public braodcaster, where you can find livestreams, podcasts and articles about many topics.

2. Funkhaus Europa

This is an international and intercultural radio program of the West German Radio Cologne (WDR) and Radio Bremen, which is produced in collaboration with the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). You can find livestreams and podcasts there.

3. Tagesschau

This is a page of a news program on channel ARD. The show will be broadcasted online. Especially recommended are programmes for children and news in 100 seconds.

4. Arte TV

Page of a broadcaster which is made in German-French cooperation. You can watch livestreams there. You can also see a lot of articles that are related not only to the German-French cooperation.

5. ARD Mediathek

6. Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

On the page you will find current news, reports and messages from Berlin and Brandenburg. The most important cultural, business, politics, sports and Panorama. In addition, the page offers its own library with live streams and podcasts.

7. Süddeutsche Zeitung

The largest German national daily newspaper. You get the latest news from business, culture, politics and sports online there. The page includes videos, interactive articles and links to blogs.

8. Die Zeit

The webpage of the national german weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT which includes backgrounds in the fields of politics, economy, society, culture, digital, knowledge, career of celebrities, sports & more.

Regional Information

 1. Studying in Germany

The website gives information around everything you need to know to study in Germany. It is translated in ten different languages.