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Are you attending a language course at the language centre, but you would like to have more practise? Do you want to learn certain skills or meet a person from a country of the language you are learning and get to know their culture better? Or do you want to learn a new language that’s not offered at the language centre in a relaxed atmosphere? Or would you like to decide on your own, how, what and where you would like to learn…. We are pleased to support you in finding a matching language tandem partner.


Language Tandem information event

At the beginning of each semester you can visit our information event where you can talk to many of your co-students face to face and have a sneak peak of the rules of learning a language in a tandem.

Language tandem online brokerage

You can participate any time in our online brokerage. How does it work?

  1. Fill out the online questionnaire. Please give us detailed information so that we can find you a matching language tandem partner.

  1. Within two weeks you will receive an answer from us. If we found a matching tandem partner for you, we will send you his/her details. If it’s not the case, we will keep your information in our data bank and we will connect you as soon as we find a matching language tandem partner.

  1. The maximum time of saving your data is one semester. Once this time is over you can register yourself again. It’s obvious that we are using your data for the internal organisation and we won’t pass this information on to third parties (except your potential language tandem partner)


Language tandem online brokerage - click here