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For Exchange students:

Q: What kind of certificate do I get as an exchange student to document that I successfully passed the German course and the final exam?

A: The information about your course success, your final grade and the ECTS-points will be documented in your Transcript of Records. You do not need a further certificate. You can pick up your Transcript of Records in the International Office: Mr. Schünow, AM 208.


Q: When can I pick up my Transcript of Records with the certification of my German course success?

A: Generally the Transcript of Records is issued shortly after all your grades (language courses and other courses) have been sent to the International Office. If you have questions regarding your Transcript of Recors please contact the International Office.


Q: I participated in a German class (basic level / Grundstufe) but I did not write the final test or did not pass it. Do I receive a certificate of participation?

A: If you visited a basic course (Grundstufe) you can receive a certificate of participation for your time of attendance directly at the office of viadrina sprachen gmbh.


For permanent students:

Q: I am a permantent student at the Viadrina and I successfully finished my German course. Where can I learn about my course results?

A: Your course result (success or fail) will be documented in our online study record. You can print this record.