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Frequent questions in language learning advising

What are the aims of the language learning consultations?

You can come to our consultation hours, if

  • you want to increase your motivation for practicing the target language.

  • you need support for your autonomous and regular learning process.

  • you would like to maintain joy while studying the target language.

  • you want to ensure more efficient (and thus successful) language learning.


I wrote an essay in German and would like to have it corrected by a native speaker. Whom I could ask?

  • If possible, please ask your friends, fellows students or tandem partners.

  • You may also  ask your German teacher- If she has time to correct it, she will help you.

  • Other possibilities are language platforms such as e.g. Palabea or Livemocha.



I am an Erasmus student and would like to have more contact to  German people. What can I do?

Please check these possibilities:

  • the tandem wall in AM, on the second floor

  • the website of Sprachenbeirat

  • the tandem party which takes place once a semester

  • the program „Patenfamilie“ where you can get into contact with families in Frankfurt:

                -        information and registration: