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Course fees

Which language courses are free of charge?


You are entitled to take one German course run by the viadrina sprachen GmbH for free. (Your level is decided by the placement test.)

In all other respects, you have the same rights and entitlements as home students of the Viadrina, as set out here below. The placement test decides your level.


The following course LEVELS are free of charge for all students:

  • All Polish courses
  • Intermediate/Mittelstufe 1 and 2, EXCEPT that M1 and M2 English are not free)
  • Upper Intermediate / Oberstufe
  • Academic Communication / Wissenschaftskommunikation
All repeats of the above courses are also free.

The above courses are run by the Language Centre.

In practice, this means:

  • All courses for which you register online on ViaCampus are free.

  • All courses for which registration is via the viadrina sprachen gmbh have to be paid for. At the end of term (Vorlesungszeit) the University will reimburse your course fee if the attendance list shows that you have attended 75% of the course.

What do the courses of viadrina sprachen GmbH cost?

All GmbH courses cost 190 Euro (4 hours/week) for students and Gasthörer.

For other private persons: €250

At the end of term (Vorlesungszeit) students of the University will have course fees reimbursed by the University, if it has been proven that they attended 75% of the course. It is not necessary to pass the course to have the fee reimbursed.

How do I pay for GmbH courses?

Rules for cancellation and withdrawal from courses

  1. Courses of the  Language Centre: if you cannot or do not wish to attend the course, you must cancel your place by the end of second week of teaching. You may cancel on viaCampus.
  2. Courses run by viadrina sprachen GmbH: you must cancel by Friday 12 noon in second week of teaching, otherwise you will be liable for payment.
  3. After teaching has begun, enrollment can only be cancelled due to illness (a doctor’s report is necessary).

The separate rules for courses organized by viadrina sprachen gmbh can be found at

Please ask yourself these questions before enrolling in language courses.