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Questions you should ask yourself before registering


Before you register for courses at the Language centre, please ask yourself the following questions.

1. Am I allowed to take a course at a particular level?

This depends normally on you taking the placement test or having successfully completed the  level below it.

2. For students who want to register for ourses at the level "Wissenschaftskommunikation" (Academic Communication)

Have I already passed the HF exam, or other UNIcert® II equivalent?

Am I already in the second Semester? (First semester Bachelor students are not allowed to take Academic Communication / Wissenschaftskommunikation courses.) 

3. For students returning from a period of study abroad:

Can I jump a level or be exempted from one course? Please discuss this with one of the Lektors. Information here.

4. Have I already learned a language which is not offered by the Viadrina?

Please contact the Language Centre Secretary  (  to arrange an appointment with the Director of the Language centre, Dr Vogel. You can  discuss with him whether your language achievements can be accredited for your studies.

If you are not sure you have understood everything, please  feel free to ask at the Language Centre!