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Enrolling in courses

There are TWO different procedures to register for courses, depending on your course level:

1. The following courses are run by the Language Centre and registration is ONLINE:

  • Grundstufe 1 and 2 (only Polish)
  • Mittelstufe 1 and 2 (EXCEPT Mittelstufe 1 & 2 English)
  • Oberstufe
  • Wissenschaftskommunikation (Academic Communication)

Registration for these courses is ONLINE.

Procedure for registering online

  1. Choose which courses you want - they are listed on ViaCampus

  2. If you would like to register for courses that are not listed on ViaCampus ( additional to the regular programme, intensive courses), please contact the relevant Language Department (Lektorat) .

  3. Read the Questions You should Ask Yourself Before Registering.

  4. You may now sign in and on ViaCampus.

2. The following courses are run by the viadrina sprachen GmbH and registration is NOT online:

  • Grundstufe 1 und 2 (except Polish)
  • Mittelstufe 1 & 2 English

  • Registration starts 16.03.2020.
  • Until 1st April: Registration only by sending a form and transferring the course fee. For more details please look here.
  • From 1st April onwards: Registration in person at the new offices of the GmbH:
       August-Bebel-Straße 12, Room 315 (in the Language Centre building).
  • Registration for the courses is only possible on payment of the course fee.
  • Registration ends 12 noon on 17.04.2020.