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31. AKS-Arbeitstagung
5. - 7. März 2020 | Frankfurt (Oder)

Working Groups


AG1 ©AKS2020

AG1: Teacher training and continuing education

This working group wants to look into all issues concerning the training of future foreign language teachers and wants to offer a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas.

AG2 ©AKS2020

AG2: Autonomy in foreign and second language instruction

This working group focuses on concepts of autonomy, different ways autonomy is implemented, peer on learning and self-directed learning as an approach for evaluating the autonomous language learning processes among other topics.

AG3 ©AKS2020

AG3: Testing, Examining, Assessment

Some of the key-issues in this group are new the approaches to the familiar topics testing and assessment in Higher Education as well as the impact of the CEFR Companion Volume in the area of testing and examining.

AG4 ©AKS2020

AG4: Academic and Professional Communication

The teaching of general foreign language knowledge at university language resource centers ideally differs from the teaching of academic and professional communication. How do instructors at university language centers approach this complex topic? This and other questions will be discussed in this group.

AG5 ©AKS2020

AG5: Internationalization in Higher Education and its Role for Language centres

In our section we would like to shed light on some facets of the internationalization process and its impact on language centres and language teaching.

AG6 ©AKS2020

AG6: Heritage languages

Concepts for programs for heritage languages, heritage languages as individual and societal resources or identity and interculturality are some of the main topics in this work group.

AG7 ©AKS2020

AG7: Digital from A to Z? Opportunities, Challenges, Transformations

This section focuses on the digitalization of the teaching and learning of foreign languages in Higher Education, dealing with all digital aspects – from apps to Generation Z.

AG8 ©AKS2020

AG8: Language Policies at Universities and the Role of Language Centers

This working group experts that participants report about language politics and university language policies in general. Language policies as well as the impact of a scientific approach to language politics on university practical applications will be presented and discussed.

AG9 ©AKS2020

AG9: From practice into practice

This working group deals with current and practical topics. Everything from practice into practice.


Mediation and intercultural mediation

Mediation and intercultural mediation belong to every day communication; particularly in a border region. The 6th conference of Polish language as academic and professional communication deals with all aspects related to this intercultural mediation.