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English language radio stations

Students at Mittelstufe level and below may find "normal" radio rather too difficult to follow. However, Voice of America has broadcasts in "Special English", with the text on the video screen for you to read! Special English is very slow and clear, read by specially trained presenters.

To listen to Special English news programmes:
1.Go to
2. Choose "English" on the menu
3. Go to "Special English TV" or Archive (the Archive is radio only).

Students at Oberstufe level or above should get used to listening to authentic radio programmes with speakers talking at natural ("authentic") speed (including discussions and interviews, not just a single speaker). Radio 4, World Service, VoA and NPR are all good sources for this.

BBC Radio 1 The BBC national pop music channel - good for colloquial and everyday English (not so relevant to the AP!)
BBC Radio 4 The main "intelligent speech" programme for listeners in the UK.
BBC World Service News and broadcasts from around the world
BBC Radio An overview of all BBC radio stations, including the Asian Network, Radio Scotland, Radio Wales, etc... - try these to get an idea of different British accents!
CNN Radio A news update only - click on the radio section
Voice of America U.S. radio for overseas listeners - a good source of various programme types - go to the "webcasts".
National Public Radio

U.S. American news