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General Language Links










Vocabulary practice, dictionaries and translation resources 

  • Type in your E-mail address and get a new word every day
  • Vokabelbox - One of the many vocabular learinging apps you can use on your smart-phone or computer
  • Babbel  - A vocabulary trainer and much more, such as podcasts and lessons ­ BUT more expensive than the other vocabulary trainers too.
  • Duolingo - Duolingo offers free, vocabulary-based language learning online
  • Translegal- A commercial provider of Legal English services with a good mix of resources, including a good learners' dictionary of legal English
  • -An excellent dictionary tool as it shows words and expressions in real contexts on the internet, in two languages, with their translations in both directions.
  • DeepL -This is for several languages the BEST online translator - O ften giving better results than GoogleTranslate, but it does not offer as many languages.
  • Pons Dictionary -This is good as a general bilingual dictionary.
  • Cambridge online Dictionaries -

Cambridge offers, among others:

  • a good all round English dictionary
  • a dictionary for learners
  • ones more specifically for British or American English.
  • a thesaurus


Culture and Study


Politics and government in the US and UK