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DAAD-Zeugnisse für Auslandssemester


Study abroad support from the English Lectorat 

Winter Semester 2023/2024

Get started (with English instruction and certification) early in your academic career!

Step 1: Take the ENGLISH PLACEMENT TEST – on 13 April 2023 at 11:00 in August-Bebel-Str. building 

Step 2: Register for and take English courses at your level

Step 3: Take the HF exam (That earns your English B2 proficiency certificate)


The majority of foreign universities require a B2 equivalency. Regardless of your prior instruction/certificates (due tot he wide variety of testing and standards), you need to take the placement test!

Some require C1. In this case, follow the abobe path and then take the next level courses and exam. The English Lectorat also recognises some external examinations. Please see for details. (Please read the list very carefully.)

If your foreign university does not accept the „HF“ certificate (because there is no spoken component), please contact us to schedule an appointment. Your spoken skills will be evaluated and you will then receive a DAAD form for your application.


Important dates

-       English Placement test (no registration required; simply come to the test)

-       DAAD Assessment: Calendar week 24 (likely Wednesday 14 June 2023)

-       HF exam – Friday 21 July 2023

-       UniCert III exams (Jura, KuWi, WiWi) 17 & 18 Juli 2023

-       DAAD Assessment: Week 33 (date tbd by assessor)


Recognition of external language certificates

-       Can happen on relatively short notice (1-2 weeks).


Zur Terminvereinbarung schicken Sie bitte eine Email an Wendy Bell im Englischlektorat ( Termine werden auf der Basis "First come, first served" vergeben, also bitte melden Sie sich rechtzeitig.
To make an appointment, please send an email to Wendy Bell in the English Dept. (  Appointments are made on the basis of "First come, first served", so you should contact us in good time.

If you need the DAAD Assessment, bringen Sie bitte die entsprechenden Formulare zum Termin mit. (Die Formulare finden Sie hier:

Bringen Sie bitte auch Ihren Studentenausweis mit.

For the evaluation, please bring along the DAAD form that you need. (You will find the needed form here:

Also bring your student ID please.


Bitte bedenken Sie, dass der DAAD-Sprachnachweis nur für das Auslandstudium zu verwenden ist. Er dient weder als Sprachnachweis für das Studium, noch als Nachweis für die Erfüllung von Zulassungsvoraussetzungen für ein Studium.
Please note that the DAAD language evaluation can be used to apply for study abroad only. It is neither a language certificate for the completion of study requirements nor can it be used as proof of language competence  for admission to a degree programme.