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Past Exam Papers (HF Exam, English)

Some past exam papers for the HF Exam  are available for reference and practice on Moodle. Here's what to do:


  1. Log in to the new Moodle at
    (You will need to use your Viadrina E-mail address for joining.)

  2. Go to this link. Alternatively navigate to this page by scrolling down the list of courses, under "Sprachenzentrum" you will see an entry for "Selbstlernzentrum". Click this and then choose the "course" "Autonomes Sprachenlernen". Join this.

  3. Go down to the section 5 (English) and double-click the folder Prüfungen. Thee you will see both "AP" (now called HF exam, but the format is the same) and UNIcert 3 (Kuwi) exams.


Ask the SLZ staff or Student Tutor for English (both in AB016), if you need help finding these.

Further examples of HF exams will be used in class by Oberstufe teachers.