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Spot the Difference

Sample answers
NOTE: You do not need to write grammatically correct sentences but it must be clear what you mean.

1. Summarise in 3 or 4 sentences what the main arguments of the author are, in the text as a whole. Your answer should be about 2-4 sentences.(15 points)

That French antipathy to America has a very long tradition but is not as simple as it may seem (5 points) because anti-Americanism is more widespread in the elite than ordinary French. The political elite like to use America as a scapegoat when things are not going well in other areas. There is also a bit of jealousy involved, because they have a similar universalist approach to international affairs. (10 possible points for any two elements of this.)

2. Summarise in a single sentence the main point of paragraph 8 (lines 44-49). (5 points)

Although the French may predominantly disapprove of George Bush's policies, they on the whole have a positive image of Americans generally. (No points for just saying they mostly disapprove of GB.)

3. How do French attitudes to the Americans compare with those of past times? (15 points)

There was already in the 18th Century a critical attitude to America, but prior to the 20th century it was expressed mainly in snobbery - nevertheless, important American figures were well received in French salons. In the 20th century, criticism was more severe because of mass industrialisation and the spread of American products and culture.

[If you just put that Anti-Americanism is greater than in the past, 5 points, otherwise 15 for the above.]

4. Explain what you think the writer means by universalism in this context. (5 points)

- believing their values should be exported to the world.