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Time and place

Time and place of the Written examination will be announced here. Expect to see the time announced  and start of registration about  a month before the exam.

Your room depends on your Matriculation Number. The exam  will be held in  the Lecture Halls of Gräfin Dönhoff building. The  room for each student (grouped by Matriculation Number) will be posted on the doors on the day of the exam.

The exam is two hours 15 mins. long. Students must be there  by 14:00 at the latest. The process of giving important information and signing in a large number of students takes some time, so expect to be there until about 16:30 or later; please be patient.


Details on how to register will be given here at the beginning of January.

You cannot register on the day of the exam; a late registration up to two days before the exam will be possible on payment of a fee at the Secretary's Office (AB019).

Students needing to pass one (or two) Oberstufe courses before they can register, will be able to register once their teacher has entered results for the course. Your teacher  will do this at least two days before the registration deadline.

Important information for the day of the written exam:

-Please bring your student ID or, if you do not have one, some form of identification.

   -You may use an English/English dictionary but NOT a bilingual one (i.e. not English-German or English-Polish etc.)
   -We will NOT supply dictionaries at the exam, so if you wish to use one, bring your own.
   -Computer-based dictionaries will not be allowed.
   -You will not be allowed to share a dictionary so bring your own.

-No mobile phones! Bring a watch if you think you need one; there is a clock in the room.

-You must bring a PEN with BLACK OR DARK BLUE INK to write the test with. The exam cannot be written in pencil (because all exams need to be photocopied).


Only students that fail exactly ONE and only ONE part of the written examination will be given an oral examination.

General information on the oral exam


Results for the Written exam (WS17/18) will  be available on ViaCampus from 15th March, NOT 28th Feb. as previously announced.If  you fail one part remember to check the Lektorat english website for your oral time and topic.