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Intensivkurse Englisch

Intensive Courses English  - Summer Vacation 2016

Intensive courses for English are listed  below. Read  the general information on registering for courses first .

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E O/21            Janet Gillette   August 1-5   9:30-16:00 
Raum    -        GD 205


 State of Mind - Human Consciousness

What is consciousness? Is human consciousness different from that of other sentient beings? Are we always conscious of our behavior? Can our behavior change our consciousness? How is the latest research in science and technology affecting the human mind and our understanding of the universe? What is reality? How does the culture we live in influence our thinking? What is thinking and has it always functioned the way it does for most of us today? Such questions will be considered by looking at current theories in psychology, neurology, acoustic technology and quantum physics in addition to ancient and modern philosophical ideas, theories of learning, and social theories of mind and behavior. Listening and reading comprehension as well as learning to form a clear argument comprise the focus of our coursework in preparation for the HF exam. Formal essays, verbal argumentation, regular and active class attendance are required to pass this class. 



E ZKuwi-SWK/4      Lori Baldzikowski    September 19-30       9-15

Zertifikatsstufe – Kuwi Schriftliche Wissenschaftskommunikation

Academic reading and writing skills for students of Cultural and Social Sciences.



E Zwiwi-MWK1       Wendy Bell                August 1-12               9-14    

Zertifikatsstufe-Wiwi Schriftliche Wissenschaftskommunikation

Business English for business students - written Academic reading and writing skills for students of business with a focus on written communication skills.



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