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Rechtsenglisch - Angebot des Sprachenzentrums

 Fachsprachenkurse  Englisch für Juristen ,  die im Sommersemester 2020 vom Sprachenzentrum angeboten werden.

Beide  Kurse  lassen sich als Zusatzqualifikation für das Deutsche Rechtsstudium an der Viadrina anrechnen. Anmeldung läuft über ViaCampus.


English for Law 1 (Course Number on ViaCampus: 3202029 )

Lesson times:

Will be announced on 15th March.

Wird am 15.03 angesagt

Entry requirements:

  • You must normally have passed the HF Exam (∼UNIcert II), or have an equivalent accepted B2-level qualification.
  •  Students in their first semester (Erststudium) are not allowed to join this course.
  • Students who gain the highest level on the placement test, 
    O* ("O Star"), MAY be able to join the course directly without doing the HF exam first. Please contact Richard Bland to see if this applies to you.

CEFR target level:

You will have achieved C1 (UNIcert III), after completing the second course, English for Law 2

 This course provides practice in legal English language skills, and gives background in the English legal system, how Common Law works. The second half of the course focuses on Criminal Law.  Students wanting to do the UNIcert III examination will need also to do English for Law 2.



English for Law 2 (Course Number on ViaCampus: 3202030 )

Lesson times:

Final times will be arranged with students from last semester's English for Law 1.

Entry requirements:

You must normally have passed the course English for Law 1

- Exception: Students who have already studied some law in England or some other common law country (e.g. semester abroad) may be able to go directly to this course without doing English for Law 1 – please contact Richard Bland.

CEFR target level:

C1  upon passing UNIcert 3

 This course builds on skills and knowledge acquired in  "English for Law 1".  There is more emphasis on legal professional practice, and on listening and presentation skills.

The course prepares for the UNIcert 3 examination.

Areas of law: contract law, commercial law, torts, negligence.